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Tina Wilson

Head of Safeguarding,
The Scouts Association

Tina Wilson is Head of Safeguarding for the Scouts, the UK’s largest coeducational youth movement. Tina is passionate about her work in Scouting, especially with its renewed focus on helping young people from harder to reach communities develop #SkillsForLife. Tina was previously Head of Safeguarding and Looked After Children for Suffolk County Council. She has a strong values base which underpins all of her work and believes in strong leadership that motivates and supports all in the delivery of safeguarding. Tina has 29 years’ experience in local authority children’s services managing social work teams, children’s homes. She had held a variety of senior management positions over the last 17 years. She has also undertaken serious case reviews for local authorities where significant issues have been identified. Tina has also presented at many local and national conferences, leading on legislative change and issues that face young people today. She has received national recognition for her with mothers who continued to have children removed in the care system.

  • Developing high quality trustee oversight of safeguarding procedures with quarterly reporting, auditing and external assessment of safeguarding provision
  • Reviewing and enhancing appointment processes to ensure effective vetting and to deter volunteers with the wrong intentions from the outset
  • Devising robust training, peer review and reporting mechanisms to ensure all staff and volunteers meet safeguarding standards
  • Establishing a culture of a ‘safe space’ for children with challenge, transparency and communication procedures to prevent the violation of boundaries and codes of conduct