Jenny Turner

Jenny Turner

Director of Strategy and Governance,
CLIC Sargent

Hear how CLIC Sargent enhanced their impact reporting to focus on young people and families’ experiences and strengthen accountability

Key Achievements and Outcomes:

  • Clearer, more effective reporting and putting young cancer patients at the heart, giving them control over the impact report
  • Developing new measures for impact in order to move towards more balanced and honest reporting and accountability
  • Greater transparency through a ‘Hands Up, We’re Not Perfect’ section in the impact report, which clearly outlined what the charity didn’t get right in the last year
  • Greater focus on impact and more conversations about what’s working and learning from failure, informing the 2020-2025 strategy (Better, Faster, Stronger) in order to maximise impact

Winners of the Best Use of Impact Reporting Award at the Third Sector Awards, 2019